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This work is aimed at non-law students and covers legal issues normally relevant for such students.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639008929

Product description

This work is aimed at non-law students and covers legal issues normally relevant for such students.

This work is the English rendition of Besigheidsreg. Like its Afrikaans counterpart, it is aimed at non-law students and owes its existence to the need for a less comprehensive and affordable students' handbook dealing with all the legal issues normally relevant for such students.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - History of the South African Law, the Legal System and the Creation of Rules of Law

Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Law of Contract

Chapter 3 - Formation of the Contract

Chapter 4 - Breach of Contract and Termination of Contractual Relationship

Chapter 5 - Introduction to the Law of Agency

Chapter 6 - The Principal

Chapter 7 - The Agent

Chapter 8 - General Introduction to the Law of Purchase and Sale

Chapter 9 - Duties of the Seller

Chapter 10 - Duties of the Buyer

Chapter 11 - Letting and Hiring

Chapter 12 - General Introduction to Credit Agreements

Chapter 13 - Rights and Duties of the Parties

Chapter 14 - Alteration and Termination of Credit Agreements, Repayment, Debt Enforcement, Dispute Settlement and Miscellaneous Matters

Chapter 15 - Insurance Law

Chapter 16 - Construction, Engineering and Services Contracts

Chapter 17 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 18 - General Introduction and Suretyship

Chapter 19 - Mortgage, Pledge and Cession in Security

Chapter 20 - Hypothecs and Liens

Chapter 21 - General Principles of the Law of Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 22 - Cheques

Chapter 23 - The Law of Partnership

Chapter 24 - Introduction to Company Law

Chapter 25 - Memorandum of Incorporation

Chapter 26 - Capital

Chapter 27 - Shareholders, Members, Organs and Officers

Chapter 28 - Groups, Reconstruction and Change in Control

Chapter 29 - Winding-up, Judicial Management and Deregistration

Chapter 30 - Introduction to Close Corporations

Chapter 31 - Membership and Member's Interest

Chapter 32 - Internal and External Relations

Chapter 33 - Maintenance of Capital and Liability of Members

Chapter 34 - Introduction and Sequestration

Chapter 35 - Effect of Sequestration

Chapter 36 - Administration of Insolvent Estates, Composition, Rehabilitation and Offences and Corporate Insolvency

Chapter 37 - General Introduction to Labour Law

Chapter 38 - Individual Labour Law

Chapter 39 - Collective Labour Law

Hoofstuk 40 - The Consumer Protection Act

- Table of Cases

- Index