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Business Law 6th Ed

This work is aimed at non-law students and covers legal issues normally relevant for such students.

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639008929
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Product description

This work is aimed at non-law students and covers legal issues normally relevant for such students.

The book unlocks the basic principles of civil law for students in disciplines such as business sciences and engineering who must master business law in one year. It covers various types of specific contracts, including agency, professional services and construction, and discusses among other topics labour law, consumer protection law and business entities.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - History of the South African Law, the Legal System and the Creation of Rules of Law

Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Law of Contract

Chapter 3 - Formation of the Contract

Chapter 4 - Breach of Contract and Termination of Contractual Relationship

Chapter 5 - Introduction to the Law of Agency

Chapter 6 - The Principal

Chapter 7 - The Agent

Chapter 8 - General Introduction to the Law of Purchase and Sale

Chapter 9 - Duties of the Seller

Chapter 10 - Duties of the Buyer

Chapter 11 - Letting and Hiring

Chapter 12 - General Introduction to Credit Agreements

Chapter 13 - Rights and Duties of the Parties

Chapter 14 - Alteration and Termination of Credit Agreements, Repayment, Debt Enforcement, Dispute Settlement and Miscellaneous Matters

Chapter 15 - Insurance Law

Chapter 16 - Construction, Engineering and Services Contracts

Chapter 17 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 18 - General Introduction and Suretyship

Chapter 19 - Mortgage, Pledge and Cession in Security

Chapter 20 - Hypothecs and Liens

Chapter 21 - General Principles of the Law of Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 22 - Cheques

Chapter 23 - The Law of Partnership

Chapter 24 - Introduction to Company Law

Chapter 25 - Memorandum of Incorporation

Chapter 26 - Capital

Chapter 27 - Shareholders, Members, Organs and Officers

Chapter 28 - Groups, Reconstruction and Change in Control

Chapter 29 - Winding-up, Judicial Management and Deregistration

Chapter 30 - Introduction to Close Corporations

Chapter 31 - Membership and Member's Interest

Chapter 32 - Internal and External Relations

Chapter 33 - Maintenance of Capital and Liability of Members

Chapter 34 - Introduction and Sequestration

Chapter 35 - Effect of Sequestration

Chapter 36 - Administration of Insolvent Estates, Composition, Rehabilitation and Offences and Corporate Insolvency

Chapter 37 - General Introduction to Labour Law

Chapter 38 - Individual Labour Law

Chapter 39 - Collective Labour Law

Hoofstuk 40 - The Consumer Protection Act

- Table of Cases

- Index