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This book guides the student of constitutional law in the study of this field.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409125726

Product description

This book guides the student of constitutional law in the study of this field.

It is primarily aimed at providing a comprehensive exposition of the primary sources of the field of constitutional law in a logically structured way and in plain language. Judgments of the courts in which the text of the Constitution was interpreted and contextualised authoritatively, are discussed in a clear and concise way, thus rendering the topical meaning of the Constitution accessible to the reader.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1: - Introduction to the theory of constitutional law

Chapter 2: - Basic principles of constitutional law, the state and the individual

Chapter 3: - Important constitutional concepts and principles

Chapter 4: - Historical development of South African constitutional law

Chapter 5: - Constitutional developments in South Africa from 1652 to date

Chapter 6: - Elements of a state

Chapter 7: - Sources of South African constitutional law

Chapter 8: - The founding provisions, basic legal order and symbols of the South African state

Chapter 9: - The South African Bill of Rights

Chapter 10: - Co-operative government

Chapter 11: - The national legislative authority

Chapter 12: - The President and the national executive authority

Chapter 13: - Provincial government

Chapter 14: - Local government

Chapter 15: - Judicial authority, the South African courts and the administration of justice

Chapter 16: - State institutions supporting constitutional democracy

Chapter 17: - The public administration

Chapter 18: - The security services

Chapter 19: - Traditional leaders

Chapter 20: - Finance

Chapter 21: - General provisions and the transitional arrangements

Chapter 22: - Author's epilogue

- Bibliography

- Table of cases

- Table of statutes

- Index