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Consumer Protection Law in South Africa Second Edition

Publication Language: English

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The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) has had a major impact on the way in which suppliers and consumers do business. This publication provides essential commentary to the legislation and case law, highlighting the main issues of consumers protection law from both a business and legal perspective.

Since the first Edition, there have been significant developments in the law relating to consumer protection in South Africa and this has necessitated a complete revision of this first edition.

The authors consider issues relating to conduct and supply, conclusion of agreements, enforcement and redress. New chapters include Proceedings before the Tribunal, Consumer Class Actions and E-commerce to address the growing number of consumers transactions occurring online.

Consumer Protection Law in South Africa Second Edition will greatly assist practitioners, researchers, suppliers, consumers, enforcement institutions, students and regulators in providing an in-depth view of consumer protection law.

Customer reviews

I wish to congratulate the authors on producing this work – it is impressive!
The second edition of CONSUMER PROTECTION IN SOUTH AFRICA is bound to make a considerable - and much needed - contribution to the growing body of South African consumer protection jurisprudence. Academics, both nationally and internationally, students, practitioners and consumer protection agencies will benefit richly from this comprehensive, insightful, well-researched and scholarly work.

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Table of contents

CHAPTER_1 - The markets, welfare and regulation

CHAPTER_2 - Overview of the Consumer Protection Act

CHAPTER_3 - The application and scope of the Consumer Protection Act

CHAPTER_4 - The private law framework

CHAPTER_5 - The public law framework

CHAPTER_6 - General regulation of market practices

CHAPTER_7 - Specific regulation of market practices

CHAPTER_8 - Discriminatory practices in the consumer market

CHAPTER_9 - Franchising

CHAPTER_10 - Contracts

CHAPTER_11 - The supply of goods and services

CHAPTER_12 - Product liability and product safety

CHAPTER_13 - The regulatory framework

CHAPTER_14 - Proceedings before the National Consumer Tribunal

CHAPTER_15 - Consumer protection in the courts

CHAPTER_16 - Consumer class actions

CHAPTER_17 - The internet, computers, technology and consumer protection

CHAPTER_18 - Residential tenants

CHAPTER_19 - Housing consumers

CHAPTER_20 - The elderly as consumers

CHAPTER_21 - Life rights

APPENDIX - Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008


Table of cases

Table of statutes