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Family Law Service

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Family Law Service is a subscription based product including both the printed loose-leaf and LexisMobile publications. Updates for 12 months (print and mobile) are included in the price.

Family Law Service covers aspects of law pertaining to the family, including domestic violence, the Law of Islam, same- sex life partnerships, the effects of the Children's Act, 2008 and anti-trafficking law in South Africa.

Family Law Service is maintained in three volumes with commentary and legislation, and with two service issues published a year.

Table of contents

Volume One -

Division A - Law of marriage and civil unions

Division B - Matrimonial property

Division C - Maintenance

Division D - Divorce

Division E - Young persons

Division F - Family law procedures

Division G - Customary family law

Division H - Succession

Division J - Medico-legal aspects

Division K - Social services and benefits

Division L - Gender issues

Division M - Domestic violence

Division N - Cohabitation

Division O - Islamic law

Division P - Child abduction

Division Q - The law and older persons

Division R - Same-sex life partnerships

Division S - English Law of Divorce and Dissolution and finance and property distribution on divorce and dissolution

Division T - Sources of anti-trafficking law in South Africa

Volume Two -

International conventions


Volume Three -


Table of Cases

Table of Statutes