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Road Traffic Manual Part 1: Seventh Edition

A concise compilation of the National Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639015033
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776179817
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Product description

A concise compilation of the National Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

The Regulations are incorporated under the relevant sections of the Act.


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Table of contents

Interpretation of Act

Application of Act and minimum requirements

Registering and licensing of motor vehicles and registering of manufacturers, builders, importers and manufacturers of number plates

Fitness of drivers

Fitness of vehicles

Operator fitness

Right of appeal

Road Safety

Dangerous Goods

Road traffic signs and general speed limit

Accidents and accident reports

Reckless or negligent driving, inconsiderate driving, driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a drug having a narcotic effect and miscellaneous offences

Presumptions and legal procedure


Rules of the road and matters relating thereto

Registers and records

General provisions

Transitional Provisions, Repeal of Regulations, and Title and Commencement

Schedule 3: Agreement entered into by and between the MEC responsible for road traffic

Schedule 4: Minimum requirements for registration and grading of testing stations

Part 29 €“ Amendments to Part 29 of the National Prosecutors Act

Procedures for the execution of warrants of arrest associated with traffic offences and the redirecting of traffic fines

Prosecution Guidelines for Vehicle Mass Measuring

Prosecuting Guidelines for Evidentiary Breath Testing Machines

Prosecuting Guidelines for Speed Measuring Equipment (SME) and Traffic Light Violation Monitoring Equipment (TLVME)