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SA Income Tax Guide 2024

A concise and reliable guide to South African income tax law for the current tax year.

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776179282
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Product description

A concise and reliable guide to South African income tax law for the current tax year.

Available in print, ebook and online format. Online format must be added to a Lexis+ base package. Visit for more information.

The SA Income Tax Guide can be used to refresh your knowledge or gain a quick overview and contains references to enable users to consult the actual terms of the law when necessary. All the taxes imposed by the Income Tax Act are dealt with, namely, income tax, capital gains tax, donations tax, the various withholding taxes, the turnover tax for micro businesses, employees' tax (PAYE) and provisional tax. There is also a chapter on estate duty and information on the Employment Tax Incentive Act. The simplistic approach ensures that it can be used by anyone from a complete tax novice to an experienced practitioner. Updated annually in March/April.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 -  Basic Principles of Income Tax

Chapter 2 -  How to Calculate Your Taxes

Chapter 3 -  Husband and Wife

Chapter 4 -  Divorced and Separated Persons

Chapter 5 -  Income from Employment

Chapter 6 -  Membership of approved funds

Chapter 7 -  Income from Interest

Chapter 8 -  Income from Letting Property

Chapter 9 - Income from Dividends

Chapter 10 - Income from Business and Professions

Chapter 11 - Income from Estates and Trusts

Chapter 12 - Income from Farming

Chapter 13 - Partnerships

Chapter 14 - Companies

Chapter 15 - International Taxation Issues

Chapter 16 - Special Classes of Taxpayers

Chapter 17 -  Employees' and Provisional Tax

Chapter 18 - General Provisions

Chapter 19 - Deductible Donations and Donations Tax

Chapter 22 - Estate Duty

Chapter 21 - Capital Gains Tax

Chapter 22 - Corporate Restructuring Reliefs

Chapter 23 - Income tax tables