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Lexis® Practical Guidance

A time-saving, web-based solution that allows you to quickly find and access accurate information and resources that are essential in practice.

Lexis® Practical Guidance offers convenient online access to 30 Practice Areas, each containing relevant and current Legislation and Case Law, as well as Guidance Notes, Practice Directives, Checklists, Forms and Precedents. 

With a strong emphasis on practical aids, Lexis® Practical Guidance assists legal professionals with executing tasks and actioning items, ensuring not a single step is missed along the way.

Lexis® Practical Guidance content is authored by expert practitioners and is constantly and reliably updated by our team of professionals, ensuring users have relevant and up-to-date information at all times.

Legislation & Case Law
Detailed and practical explanations are offered for each Practice Area, their related rules of court and other key legislation. Practice Areas also include references to essential principle and ground-breaking case law.

Guidance Notes & Practice Directives
Each Practice Area provides step-by-step guidance to relevant processes as well as applicable practice and procedure in various courts.

Checklists, Forms and Precedents
Forms and detailed precedents of required documentation are easily downloadable and are supplied with respective guidance notes, so that you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Building Blocks For A Breadth Of Practice Areas

Time is scarce and the law is ever changing. Keeping pace with the shifts is a job unto itself but, chances are, it is not your only job. 

Curated by top South African legal experts, LexisNexis® Practical Guidance™ helps you navigate dynamic legal terrain by delivering practical aids for your everyday concerns in one convenient platform. 

It saves you time and energy so you can focus on the expertise that only you have.

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Guidance notes, commentary, legislation, case law, forms, precedents, checklists and other resources all in one place.


Direct access to relevant case law, legislation and commentary works offering practical know-how.


Execute tasks quickly with a range of precedents, checklists, flowcharts and forms.


Ability to create named folders for easy search results. Get to the right information quickly, with the ability to drill down to relevant information.


Updates on latest developments ensuring that you are at the forefront of an ever-changing environment and always stay current.