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A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409123418
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639003542
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A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act provides essential guidance for those trying to navigate the POPI Act.

Once POPI comes into force, every private and public organisation will have a 12-month grace period to get their house in order. This commentary will explain your obligations under the Act in practical terms, assisting you to ensure your organisation is POPI compliant.

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Chapter_1 - Introduction to the protection of personal information/data

Chapter_2 - Personal information

Chapter_3 - The foundational concepts of the POPI Act: Processing, lawfulness and purpose of the Act

Chapter_4 - The conditions for the lawful processing of personal information

Chapter_5 - The processing of special personal information

Chapter_6 - Exclusions/exemptions/exceptions and prior authorisation

Chapter_7 - Transborder flow of personal information

Chapter_8 - The data subject

Chapter_9 - The responsible party

Chapter_10 - Security of personal information/data

Chapter_11 - Non-automated and automated means of processing

Chapter_12 - Codes of conduct

Chapter_13 - The Information Regulator

Chapter_14 - The regulatory enforcement of the POPI Act

Chapter_15 - Offences, penalties and fines

Chapter_16 - Compensation and damages for breach of processing conditions

Chapter 17_Part_A - International law and foreign law

Chapter_17_Part_B - Legislation which impacts on the POPI Act

Chapter_18 - Application of the POPI Act in specific situations involving the processing of personal information

Annexure_A - Grounds for refusal of access to information of personal data

Table of cases

Table of statutes