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Agreements in Restraint of Trade in South African Law

Publication Language: English

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Published: December 01, 1999
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409061628
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The enforceability of restraint agreements is the central theme of Agreements in Restraint of Trade in South African Law.

In addition to examining all aspects of restraints through decided cases, this title deals specifically with restraints in the franchise and estate-agency fields and looks at the tax implications of agreements in restraint of trade. It is updated through an annual service issue.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Agreements in restraint of trade

Chapter 2 - Background

Chapter 3 - Magna Alloys and Research (SA) (Pty) Ltd v Ellis

Chapter 4 - Leading cases after Magna Alloys

Chapter 5 - The incidence of the onus

Chapter 6 - Reasonableness and public policy

Chapter 7 - Protectable interests

Chapter 8 - Severance and partial enforcement

Chapter 9 - Termination of employment €œfor any reason whatsoever€?

Chapter 10 - The parties to a restraint agreement: equality of bargaining power

Chapter 11 - Time for determining the reasonableness of a restraint

Chapter 12 - Franchises and estate agencies

Chapter 13 - Income tax implications of restraints

Chapter 14 - Constitutional considerations

Chapter 15 - Miscellaneous considerations

- Draft clauses

- Excerpts from cases

- Legislation

- Bibliography