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Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Africa

This book brings together thought leaders who bring different subject field lenses to legal questions raised by the rapid deployment of AI in Africa.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776174324

Product description

This book brings together thought leaders who bring different subject field lenses to legal questions raised by the rapid deployment of AI in Africa.

Collectively the contributors examine national, sub-regional and regional frameworks regulating artificial intelligence. It is becoming increasingly difficult to consider human flourishing without considering the impact of artificial intelligence in all spheres of human endeavour. These spheres range from employment contexts to agriculture and climate-change adaptation technologies.

As we see regulators across the world attempt to regulate artificial intelligence, through legislation such as the Artificial Intelligence Act of the European Union, African states are mooting how to best approach regulation. This volume provides insight into critical legal questions and suggests appropriate approaches.


Featured Authors

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Setting out the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for Africa, by Caroline B Ncube, Desmond O Oriakhogba, Tobias Schonwetter and Isaac Rutenberg

Chapter 2 - A technoscience approach to law as technology and the gendering of artificial intelligence policy in South Africa, by Laura A Foster

Chapter 3 - Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights in Africa, by Jake Okechukwu Effoduh

Chapter 4 - De-regulate and re-regulate: Artificial intelligence and data governance in Africa, by Hanani Hlomani

Chapter 5 - The possible future of African democracy in the age of artificial intelligence, by Justice Alfred Mavedzenge and Otto Saki

Chapter 6 - Genderless human input and artificial intelligence in digital credit: A closer look at unintended consequences, by Ogochukwu Monye

Chapter 7 - Beyond intellectual property protection: Other artificial intelligence intellectual property strategies for the African context, by Chijioke I Okorie

Chapter 8 - The challenges and potential of artificial intelligence interventions in weak public-health systems in Africa, by Omowamiwa Kolawole

Chapter 9 - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should: The case for and against utilisation of artificial intelligence for indigenous knowledge curation and preservation in Kenya, by Angeline Wairegi and Melissa Omino

Chapter 10 - Labour law as a technology for humanising work in the digital era, by Debbie Collier

Chapter 11 - The use of artificial intelligence in legal process and business, by Inge Papp and Ifeoluwa Olubiyi

Chapter 12 - Artificial intelligence and legal ethics in Africa: Forcing uncomfortable decisions, by Cecil Abungu and Nduta Muhindi

Chapter 13 - Artificial intelligence in the African energy and mining sectors: Legal and regulatory review, by Kennedy Chege and Victoria R Nalule

Chapter 14 - Agriculture in Africa: The emerging role of artificial intelligence, by Titilayo Adebola and Ebuka Ibeke

Chapter 15 - The regulation of artificial intelligence tools for environmental impact assessment: Learning from the practice of impact analysis in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, by Pag-yendu M Yentcharé and Samuel Sedami

Chapter 16 - Policy and legal recommendations to tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities of artificial intelligence in Africa, by Caroline Ncube, Desmond Oriakhogba, Tobias Schonwetter and Isaac Rutenberg