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Beaumonts Service

Beaumont's Service is a group of interrelated labour law products designed to provide solutions to everyday labour problems.

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Beaumont's Service is a group of interrelated labour law products designed to provide solutions to everyday labour problems.

This unique service interprets legal information for the subscriber, whether existing or pending legislation, or case law.

The Beaumont's Service package of labour information includes the following products as part of your annual subscription: Beaumont's Express; Beaumont's Solutions; Beaumont's Workshops; Beaumont's Help-desk.

This is a 30 page monthly publication which comprises of articles covering the full spectrum of labour relations activities which are broadly categorised to enable any area of special concern to be easily and quickly addressed.

This consolidated looseleaf product is designed to assist decision-makers to arrive at appropriate and fair solutions using a step-by-step approach. The material is presented in a manner that ensures an understanding of the law and the difference between judgments dealing with the same topic.

Keeping up to date with the latest changes in labour law is now easier than ever before. Webinars are now included as part of your subscription to Beaumont's Solutions, so there's no extra cost. These webinars (which replace the seminars we used to hold twice a year) are designed to keep you up to date without taking you out of the office - saving you time and effort.

The Beaumont's help-desk will assist you in decision-making by providing you with the answer to that urgent question. Subscribers are invited to call the help-desk for additional information, or to check whether they are on the right track with their intended solutions.

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Table of contents

Legislation and strategy

Statutory developments and the correct or strategic implementation of the law in a business context

Fair employment practice

Day-to-day employment relationships, such as proper recruitment practices, disciplinary issues and unfair discrimination

Negotiating collective relationships

Including the recognition of trade unions, information-sharing and workplace forums

Coping with corporate re-organisation

Managing the process of change in organisations with a special emphasis on retrenchment

Handling industrial action

Power-play in industrial relations: such as strikes, lock-outs, pickets and secondary strikes

Settling disputes

Dispute resolution procedures and processes

True or false

Testing your knowledge and basic understanding of material already read and which may be used as a supplementary training guide