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Forms and Precedents Employment

Publication Language: English

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Published: September 08, 1999
Published: December 31, 1999
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Forms and Precedents Employment is contained in five binders, that comprise of 11 titles altogether which are further broken down into precise topics under the various titles. Namely Employment 1 covers Collective Labour Law; Employment 2 covers Individual Labour Law and Dispute Resolution. Employment 3 covers the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Employment Equity Act.

Further there is the Employment 3 star binder which covers the Unemployment Insurance Act, Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act, Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act. Employment 4 covers the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and Mine Health and Safety Act.

Each binder also consists of a Table of statutes, Index and Table of Cases section.

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Table of contents

Employment 1

- Application of the Act

- Freedom of Association

- Trade unions & Employers Associations

- Bargaining Councils

- Statutory Councils


- Labour Court

- Labour Appeal Court

- Collective Bargaining

- Workplace forums

- Strikes and Lock outs

- Labour Relations in the Public Sector

Employment 2

- Dismissals

- Unfair Labour Practices

- Dispute resolution

Employment 3

- Basic Conditions of Employment Act

- Employment Equity Act

- Unemployment Insurance Act

- Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act

- Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

- Skills Development Act

- Skills Development Levies Act

Employment 4

- Occupational Health and Safety Act

- Mine Health and Safety Act