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Competition Law of South Africa

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Published: December 31, 1999
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409061598
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Competition Law of South Africa was originally launched in 2000 as a collection of relevant legislation and related material.

Now under the authorship of Sutherland and Kemp, Competition Law of South Africa also includes complete commentary and is an invaluable asset to practitioners.

This well-considered balance of practical information and theoretical analysis has become a desktop companion for practitioners.

Competition Law of South Africa is a thorough analysis of anti-trust law in South Africa, including historical and comparative competition law; purpose, interpretation and jurisdiction; restrictive, horizontal and vertical practices; abuse of dominance; mergers; procedural aspects of competition law (including investigations by the Competition Commission); and consequences of non-compliance.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Historical and comparative competition law

Chapter 3 - The development of competition law in South Africa

Chapter 4 - Purpose, interpretation and jurisdiction

Chapter 5 - Restrictive horizontal practices

Chapter 6 - Restrictive vertical practices

Chapter 7 - Abuse of dominance

Chapter 8 - Mergers: Introduction and definition

Chapter 9 - Mergers: Notification and procedure

Chapter 10 - Mergers: Substantive issues

Chapter 11 - Institutions and procedural aspects in competition law

Chapter 12 - Consequences of non-compliance

South African Legislation [e.g. Competition Act, No. 89 of 1998 and Rules, Corporate Leniency Policy etc.]

Foreign Documents [e.g. Treaty of Rome, UK Guidelines etc.]