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Criminal Procedure in the Magistrate’s Court

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ISBN/ISSN: 1100409049244
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Published: March 25, 2004
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Criminal Procedure in the Magistrate's Court is an accessible, practical and concise guide to the fundamental principles and leading cases of criminal procedure in the Magistrates' Courts.

The comprehensive commentary found in this loose leaf is a product of the authors' collective and profound knowledge of the law and from their vast experience gained through the years.

Criminal Procedure in the Magistrates' Court helps practitioners find quick and ready solutions to practical problems in criminal procedure.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Fundamental rights and the Constitution: fair trial provisions

Chapter 2 - Preparation

Chapter 3 - Pre-trial procedures

Chapter 4 - Continuation of proceedings

Chapter 5 - Defence options after the state's case

Chapter 6 - Plea in magistrate's court on a charge to be tried in the High Court, and preparatory examination

Chapter 7 - Defence testimony

Chapter 8 - Parties' addresses

Chapter 9 - Judgment

Chapter 10 - Previous convictions

Chapter 11 - Preparation for and principles of sentencing

Chapter 12 - Sentencing

Chapter 13 - Witnesses

Chapter 14 - Evidence

Chapter 15 - Review and appeal

Chapter 16 - Specific crimes and precedents