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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409129199
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This new publication deals with the principles in assessing liability and quantifying non-patrimonial loss and patrimonial and contractual damages.

Damages explains those aspects of the law that are important in quantifying liability and in the recovery of damages. The publication covers apportionment of damages, recovery of damages from the State, principles relating to pleadings and practice and contingency fee agreements.

It is authoritative, user-friendly and makes an important contribution to the practice of law. Damages is aimed at the busy practitioner as a concise and accessible source on the extent and measurement of liability for damages. The author combines his sound academic knowledge with his extensive practical experience to provide a thorough explanation of this important area of the law. It is the most up to date authority on delictual and contractual damages assisting practitioners in measuring the extent of liability accurately and efficiently.

Customer reviews

A valuable addition to any litigator's library
Consultant, Webber Wentzel
It is a comprehensive exposition of the law of damages in South Africa and a valuable addition to any litigator's library.

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction

CHAPTER 2 - Principles

CHAPTER 3 - Future damages

CHAPTER 4 - Assessment of past patrimonial damages

CHAPTER 5 - Assessment of non-patrimonial damages

CHAPTER 6 - Contractual damages

CHAPTER 7 - Practice and procedure

APPENDIX 1 - Prescribed Rate of Interest Act 55 of 1975

APPENDIX 2 - Apportionment of Damages Act 34 of 1956

APPENDIX 3 - State Liability Act 20 of 1957

APPENDIX 4 - Institution of Legal Proceedings against certain Organs of State Act 40 of 2002

APPENDIX 5 - Public Service Act 103 of 1994 €“ Schedules 1 to 3

APPENDIX 6 - Prescription Act 68 of 1969

APPENDIX 7 - Third-party notice in the High and Magistrates' Courts

APPENDIX 8 - Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997

APPENDIX 9 - Contingency fees agreement

APPENDIX 10 - Selected particulars of claims