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eLearning: Practical Legal Research Skills for Attorneys

This short course is aimed at equipping Junior Attorneys, Candidate Attorneys and Law Students with skills to effectively conduct research on a tight timeline.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639013305

Product description

This short course is aimed at equipping Junior Attorneys, Candidate Attorneys and Law Students with skills to effectively conduct research on a tight timeline.

This is not an intensive academic research course but rather a practical overview of research tips for the practitioner. Attorneys seeking basic aid in research will also benefit from this course.

Developed by a legal research expert, this online course covers the practical and technical skills you need to effectively conduct legal research on a tight timeline. Designed for those conducting research as part of their legal practice, each module aligns research in practice with practical assessments and real-world examples.

This makes it the perfect fit for busy legal professionals seeking quick research tips. Each module is conducted online, allowing you to set your own pace using an easy-to-navigate digital platform and making the course a perfect fit for busy legal professionals.

Course duration is 6 weeks. Course format: Self-paced, interactive tutorials, assessments and forums. Certificate issued on successful completion of course.


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Table of contents

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Research and Basic Computer Research literacy for Practitioners

OUTCOMES - Understand what legal research is. Understand the benefits of legal research to practitioners. Have a broad overview of the different sources of law. Have an understanding of basic computer literacy specifically focused on research skills.

MODULE 2 - Complex Searches: Keywords, Boolean Search Operators and Advanced Search Options

OUTCOMES - Understand how to obtain search results through keywords and phrases. Have a basic understanding of Boolean Search Operators and how to use it. Be aware of advance search options. Have a good understanding of the use and benefit of advanced search options.

MODULE 3 - Primary Sources: Legislation and Rules of Court

OUTCOMES - Know how to find legislation. Understand how to use certain open access search sites. Be aware of paid-for search sites. Know how to keep up with amendments and changes. Understand how to read and interpret legislation.

MODULE 4 - Primary Sources: Case Law

OUTCOMES - Understand the hierarchy of the different courts. Know the present divisions of the High Court. Understand how to search for case law using open access sources, paid-for sources and law libraries. Understand case citations and what it indicates. Know how to read and use case law appropriately. Know how to reference case law.

MODULE 5 - Secondary Sources

OUTCOMES - Understand what secondary sources of law are. Understand how to best work with secondary sources. Understand the importance of textbooks and legal journals. Be aware of the possible pitfalls to look out for when using secondary sources of law.

MODULE 6 - Research Methodology and Effectively Using The Sources

OUTCOMES - Practically apply this methodology with examples. Basic tips on effectively using and storing the resources obtained.