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Employment Relations Management Back to Basics: A South African Perspective

Employment Relations Management Back to Basics is an introductory work to employment relations.

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409121773
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Product description

Employment Relations Management Back to Basics is an introductory work to employment relations.

Employment relations, as an overall concept for human resources management, industrial relations and labour/employee relations, set the parameters for a better competitiveness ability in the global village. This easy to read reference work offers readers a simple, yet integrative futuristic perspective on how to manage the employment relationship in South Africa. Small business owners, human resources, labour- and industrial relations practitioners, trade union officials and students will benefit from the information in this book.


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Table of contents

PART ONE - Scope and Context of Employment Relations

CHAPTER_1 - Employment Relations Theory (Laying the Foundation)

CHAPTER_2 - Historical Roots of Employment Relations in South Africa (Back to the Future)

PART TWO - Inputs

CHAPTER_3 - Employment Relations Environment

CHAPTER_4 - The State and Statutory Framework Governing Employment Relations

PART THREE - Collective Forces in Employment Relations

CHAPTER_5 - Collective Employment Relations

PART FOUR - Positioning the Employment Relations Function in a World of Uncertainty

CHAPTER_6 - Employment Relations Planning

PART FIVE - Implementing the Employment Relations Strategy and Plan

CHAPTER_7 - Organising Employment Relations

PART SIX - Leading Employment Relations Initiatives

CHAPTER_8 - Employment Relations Practices

CHAPTER_9 - Collaborative Employment Relations (A Conscious Capitalism Approach)

CHAPTER_10 - Conflicting Employment Relations (From a Diversity Perspective)

PART SEVEN - Governance and Compliance

CHAPTER_11 - Controlling Employment Relations

PART 8 - Figures, Tables and Boxes