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Essays in Honour of CG van der Merwe

This book contains tributes to Professor Cornie van der Merweas well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409052015

Product description

This book contains tributes to Professor Cornie van der Merweas well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

The essays in this volume disseminate original research by recognised scholars on a wide array of disciplines in which Professor van der Merwe has an interest.


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Table of contents

Preface: a tribute to CG van der Merwe by Hanri Mostert and MJ de Waal

The cause of action in Nissan South Africa (Pty) Ltd v Marnitz NO by Jacques du Plessis

Knowledge and wrongfulness as elements of the doctrine of notice by Mr Justice FDJ Brand SC

Arrestasie sonder 'n lasbrief en die Grondwet by Johann Neethling

The give-and-take spirit of neighbour law by AJ van der Walt

Landlessness, housing and the rule of law by Hanri Mostert

Wateroorlas en lastige bure: eindelik duidelikheid, of nie? by JC Sonnekus

Spuilzie: dead, dormant or manna from heaven? Issues concerning protection of possessory interests in Scots law by DL Carey Miller

From negotiorum gestio to unjustified enrichment: past and pre-sent by Robin Evans-Jones

The meaning and application of the bloedige hand rule in the Roman-Dutch and modern South African law of succession by MJ de Waal and Reinhard Zimmermann

The demon drink and the straight and narrow way: the expansion and limitation of praedial servitudes by Roderick RM Paisley

English and Irish multi-unit developments reassessed by PF Smith

The impact of apartment-ownership law: reforming English and Scots law by u Xu

Trusts in European civil law: on building bridges and Trojan horses by Eric Dirix and Vincent Sagaert

European land-registry systems and the INSPIRE Directive by Maria Elena Sanchez Jordan

Unlawful occupier in perspective: history, legislation and case law by Juanita M Pienaar

The valuation and rating of sectional-title property in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act by Riel Franzsen

Selected strata-management issues: perspectives from Singapore by Teo Keang Sood

Condominium and tourism: developments and challenges in Portuguese law by Sandra Passinhas

A structural analysis of Chinese mortgage law by Chen Lei