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Essays in Honour of Frans Malan

This book contains tributes to Judge Frans Malan, as well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409120882

Product description

This book contains tributes to Judge Frans Malan, as well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

The essays in this volume disseminate original research by recognised scholars on a wide array of disciplines in which Judge Malan has an interest.


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Table of contents

Part 1 - Biography

Francois Retief Malan by Coenraad Visser

Part 2 - Tributes

Frans Malan: a tribute to a colleague by Lex Mpati

Frans Malan, my colleague by LE Leach

Frans Malan, my colleague by PA Meyer

Frans Malan: friend and colleague by JC van der Walt

Frans Malan: scholar, colleague, friend by Derek van der Merwe

Frans Malan: a jewel of South African banking law and a true original by Patrick O'Brien

Frans Malan: his contribution to the banking industry by Willem Kruger and Francois Viljoen

Part 3 - Essays

Review of the decisions of a religious tribunal by Phillip Boruchowitz

Factual causation in delict in the wake of Lee by FDJ Brand

Shareholding in the South African Reserve Bank: a unique and awkward concept by Johann de Jager

Recent developments regarding class actions in South Africa by Wouter le R de Vos

The division of powers in a company by Piet Delport

Reflections on bills of lading and negotiable instruments by SF du Toit

In the wake of Sebola by Sieg Eiselen

Electronic verification of wire payment orders by Benjamin Geva

Improperly obtained consensus in the law of contract and the value of institutional doctrine by Graham Glover

The failure of partnership law reform in the United Kingdom by JJ Henning

Construction guarantees and the Supreme Court of Appeal (2010 to 2013) by Charl Hugo

The in duplum rule: three issues in practice by Angela Itzikowitz

Reigniting the corporate conscience: reflections on some aspects of social and ethics committees of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange by Nereus L Joubert

Limiting exceptions to the autonomy principle of demand guarantees and letters of credit by Michelle Kelly-Louw

The trade-off between financial inclusion and financial integrity in the National Payment System by Vivienne Lawack

The ambitious and ambiguous project of a Common European Sales Law: report, critique, and perspectives by Michael Martinek

Countermanding bank and guaranteed cheques by CJ Nagel and JT Pretorius

Article 5 of the Hague Principles on Choice of Law in International Contracts by Jan L Neels

The contribution of Malan JA to the interpretation, application, and rectification of the National Credit Act by JM Otto

Policy considerations as a general element of enrichment liability by Chris-James Pretorius

Yorkshire Insurance and Malan by JT Pretorius

A South African code of electronic payments by WG Schulze

Balancing the conflicting interests of developers and purchasers in the first stage of a sectional-title development in phases by CG van der Merwe

Legal aspects of no-claim bonuses in motor-vehicle insurance by JP van Niekerk

A death knell for censorship: the reasonable man by Kobus van Rooyen

Unjustified enrichment in the context of the fraudulent manipulation of bank accounts: principle, pragmatism, and equality before the law by Daniel Visser