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Essential Evidence

Essential Evidence covers the major concepts of the law of evidence.

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 0100409050745
Published: November 01, 2010
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Essential Evidence covers the major concepts of the law of evidence.

The book is easy to read and useful for practical problem solving. Essential Evidence can stand on its own as an exposition of the essential concepts of the law of evidence but may also be seen as a companion to The South African Law of Evidence (by the same authors) which is the authoritative and comprehensive guide to the law of evidence in South Africa.

Table of contents

Part 1: - Introduction and Sources

Chapter 1 - Definitions, sources, and the Constitution

Part 2: - Proof

Chapter 2 - The South African evidentiary system and theories of proof

Chapter 3 - The onus of proof

Chapter 4 - Circumstantial evidence and inferential reasoning

Chapter 5 - Cogency and Proof-various topics relating to proof and the assessment of evidence

Chapter 6 - Presumptions

Part 3: - Admissability

Chapter 7 - Relevance and admissability

Chapter 8 - Character

Chapter 9 - Similar facts

Chapter 10 - Opinion

Chapter 11 - The Parol evidence rule

Chapter 12 - The best-evidence rule

Chapter 13 - Hearsay

Chapter 14 - Previous Consistent Statements

Chapter 15 - The res gestae

Chapter 16 - Informal Admissions and Confessions

Part 4: - Privilege

Chapter 17 - Privilege

Part 5: - Public Policy

Chapter 18 - Illegally and Improperly obtained evidence