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Financial Calculations and Worksheets 2016

A practical workbook on how to do income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409126044

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A practical workbook on how to do income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations.

Financial Calculations and Worksheets contains explanations and worked examples of various calculations encountered by financial planners. The book is divided into two parts. Part A contains the worksheets and examples and Part B contains tax tables, compound interest tables, tax rates and formulae that are needed to complete the worksheets. The worksheets are in A4 format so that the user can actually work through them and they are cross-referenced to the applicable tables in Part B. The book covers all types of calculations from compound interest to income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations, and includes rates, tables and formulae. Every professional financial planner should have a copy

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Incredibly useful and reliable resource at a reasonable price
Moonstone Business School of Excellence
For students, educators and financial planners, the LexisNexis range of publications is an incredibly useful and reliable resource. The books cover all the important aspects in the field of financial planning/ the financial services sector, and provide clear and concise explanations and examples of the subject matter. At reasonable prices, with excellent pre- and post-sale support, LexisNexis is definitely the preferred provider of educational material for our institution.

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Table of contents

Part A - Examples

Compound interest calculations

Income tax calculations

Part A - Worksheets

Compound interest calculations

Retirement planning calculations

Taxation of lump sum benefits from retirement funds

Investment calculations

Estate planning

Estate duty calculations

Calculations relating to matrimonial property regimes

Capital gains tax calculations

Income tax calculations

Business insurance calculations

Part B - Tables, Rates and Formulae