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Financial Markets Legislation Service

Publication Language: English

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Published: May 31, 1998
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Published: May 31, 1998
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A collection of legislation relating to the financial services market. The print subscription includes a free mobile version as well as updates for 12 months (print and mobile).

Financial Markets Legislation Service contains all the major legislation relevant to financial markets. It provides asset managers and their advisers with a single source of reference for their legal environment. It includes various Acts and Regulations related to financial markets. It also contains an example of a trust deed and an investment management agreement, as well as a summary of the legal position of investment managers.

Table of contents

Financial Markets Act, No. 19 of 2012

Financial Services Ombud Schemes Act, No. 37 of 2004

Financial Services Board Act, No. 97 of 1990

Financial Institutions (Protection of Funds) Act, No. 28 of 2001

Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, No. 45 of 2002

Securities Transfer Tax Act, No. 25 of 2007

Securities Transfer Tax Administration Act, No. 26 of 2007

Competition Act, No. 89 of 1998

Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, No. 37 of 2002

Fundamental Transactions, Takeovers and Offers - extracts from the Companies Act and regulations

Practical Examples