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Forms and Precedents 27 Vol set

Forms and Precedents is a comprehensive set of non-litigious forms and precedents covering a wide range of topics relevant to the law practitioner across 27 volumes.

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Product description

Forms and Precedents is a comprehensive set of non-litigious forms and precedents covering a wide range of topics relevant to the law practitioner across 27 volumes.

Precedents are drafted by experts in each field and are authoritative and reliable, being updated regularly with changes in the law.

Precedents are preceded by preliminary notes to place the precedents in context and provide a legal framework.

The precedents clearly indicate where information needs to be added and this makes them very easy to use and adapt.

All precedents are available electronically, even if the printed work is purchased, so no retyping is necessary.

Where appropriate, forms are reproduced from the relevant Act or regulation and checklists are included. Mini sets are also available (Banking and Finance, Citizenship, Commercial Transactions, Companies, Construction, Employment, Entertainment, Estates, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Persons and Family, Property, Public Interest Law, Shipping).

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Table of contents


- Banking and Finance


- Foreigners, Migration and Asylum

- Citizenship

Commercial Transactions 1

- Agency and Representation

Commercial Transactions 2

- Acknowledgment of debt

- Advertising

- Cessions

- Consumer Protection Act

- Indemnities

- Pledge

- Purchase of Sale of Movable Property

- Sale of Business

Commercial Transactions 3

- Leases

Commercial Transactions 4

- Carriers

- Compromises and Settlements

- Negotiable Instruments

- Novation

- Releases

- Sponsorship

- Suretyship

Commercial Transactions 5

- Credit Agreements

- Letters of demand

- Liquor

- Loan Agreements

- Sports Law

Commercial Transactions 6

- Mining and Minerals

- Restraint of Trade

Companies 1

- Companies

Companies 2

- Companies

Companies 3

- General

- Close Corporations

- Companies

- Co-operatives

- Joint Ventures

- Partnerships


- Building Contracts

- Engineering Contracts

- Fences

Employment 1

- Application of the Act

- Freedom of Association

- Trade unions & Employers Associations

- Bargaining Councils

- Statutory Councils


- Labour Court

- Labour Appeal Court

- Collective Bargaining

- Workplace forums

- Strikes and Lock outs

- Labour Relations in the Public Sector

Employment 2

- Dismissals

- Unfair Labour Practices

- Dispute resolution

Employment 3

- Basic Conditions of Employment Act

- Employment Equity Act

- Unemployment Insurance Act

- Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act

- Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

- Skills Development Act

- Skills Development Levies Act

Employment 4

- Occupational Health and Safety Act

- Mine Health and Safety Act

Entertainment Law

- Entertainment Agreements


- Administration of estates

- Donations

- Estate Planning

- Trusts and Trustees

- Wills

Insurance Law

- Friendly Societies

- Short and Long-term Insurance

- Third Party Insurance

Intellectual Property 1

- Agreements relating to Intellectual - Property

- Computer Contracts

- Copyright

Intellectual Property 2

- Competition Law

- Designs

- Franchising

- Patents

- Trade Marks

Law of Persons and Family

- Adoption of Children

- Affiliation

- Apologies

- Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits

- Domestic Violence

- Insolvency

- Life Partnerships

- Marriage and Settlement Contracts

- Mental Health Patients

- Minors

- Name, Change of

Property 1

- Auctioneers

- Estate Agents

- Mortgage Bonds

- Notarial bonds

- Sale of land

- Sectional titles

- Servitudes

- Shareblocks

- Time-sharing

- Valuers

Property 2

- Conveyancing

Public Interest Law

- Environmental Law

- Medical Schemes

- Gambling

Shipping Law

- Shipping Law

Consolidated Index

- Table of Cases

- Table of Statutes

- Consolidated Index