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Forms and Precedents Commercial Transactions

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Published: September 09, 1999
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Published: December 31, 1999
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Forms and Precedents Commercial Transactions is a set of 6 volumes covering all aspects of commercial law including leases, acknowledgement of debt, purchase and sale of movable property, suretyship, loan agreements and credit agreements.

Forms and Precedents is a comprehensive set of non-litigious forms and precedents. Contracts are drafted by experts in their field. The precedents are preceded by a preliminary note to place the contracts in context and provide a legal framework. The precedents clearly indicate where information needs to be added making them easy to use and adapt. A free single online user licence accompanies the printed version of this work which allows for precedents to be easily copied and amended as required. Forms are reproduced from relevant legislation and checklists are included where appropriate.

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Table of contents

Commercial Transactions 1

- Agency and Representation

Commercial Transactions 2

- Acknowledgment of debt

- Advertising

- Cessions

- Consumer Protection Act

- Indemnities

- Pledge

- Purchase of Sale of Movable Property

- Sale of Business

Commercial Transactions 3

- Leases

Commercial Transactions 4

- Carriers

- Compromises and Settlements

- Negotiable Instruments

- Novation

- Releases

- Sponsorship

- Suretyship

Commercial Transactions 5

- Credit Agreements

- Letters of demand

- Liquor

- Loan Agreements

- Sports Law

Commercial Transactions 6

- Mining and Minerals

- Restraint of Trade