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Published: August 10, 2008
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409105216
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Guide to the National Credit Act is a subscription based product including both the printed loose-leaf and LexisMobile publications. Updates for 12 months (print and mobile) are included in the price.

This publication provides comprehensive commentary to the National Credit Act. The National Credit Act forms part of a wave of measures aimed at protecting consumers and making credit and banking services more accessible.

Guide to the National Credit Act is designed to provide comprehensive guidance to those who borrow and to those who lend.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction and historical background to the National Credit Act

Chapter 2 - The implementation, objects and interpretation of the National Credit Act

Chapter 3 - Consumer Credit Institutions

Chapter 4 - The scope of application of the National Credit Act

Chapter 5 - Registration and consequences of non-registration

Chapter 6 - The consumer's rights and the credit provider's obligations

Chapter 7 - Advertising and marketing standards

Chapter 8 - Types of credit agreements

Chapter 9 - Conclusion, alteration and termination of credit agreements

Chapter 10 - Interest, fees and charges

Chapter 11 - Over-indebtedness and reckless lending

Chapter 12 - Enforcement of credit agreements

Chapter 13 - Dispute settlement other than debt enforcement

Chapter 14 - A practical discussion of the debt counselling process

Chapter 15 - Credit Bureau

Chapter 16 - Offences and penalties

Chapter 17 - The effects of non-compliance

Chapter 18 - Transitional provisions and existing agreements

Chapter 19 - Statements of Account

Chapter 19 - Statements of Account

Chapter 20 - Miscellaneous matters