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ICASA BOOKLET (Electronic Communications Act No. 36 of 2005, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act No. 13 of 2000, Broadcasting Act No. 4 of 1999, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25 of 2002)

A pocketbook of the consolidated Electronic Communications Act No. 36 of 2005, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act No. 13 of 2000, Broadcasting Act No. 4 of 1999, Electronic Communications

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409007855

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A pocketbook of the consolidated Electronic Communications Act No. 36 of 2005, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act No. 13 of 2000, Broadcasting Act No. 4 of 1999, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25 of 2002.

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Table of contents

PART_1 - Electronic Communications Act No. 36 of 2005

Section_1 - Definitions

Section_2 - Object of Act

Section_3 - Ministerial Policies and Policy directions

Section_4 - Regulations by Authority

Section_5 - Licensing

Section_6 - Licence exemption

Section_7 - Prohibition of provision of service without licence

Section_8 - Terms and conditions for licences

Section_9 - Application for and granting of individual licences

Section_10 - Amendment of individual licence

Section_11 - Renewal of individual licence

Section_12 - Surrender of individual licence

Section_13 - Transfer of individual licences or change of ownership

Section_14 - Suspension or cancellation of individual licence

Section_15 - Effect of suspension, cancellation, surrender or expiry of individual licence

Section_16 - Class licence

Section_17 - Registration for Class Licence

Section_18 - Refusal of registration for class licence

Section_19 - Renewal of class licence

Section_20 - Application

Section_21 - Rapid deployment of electronic communications facilities

Section_22 - Entry upon and construction of lines across land and waterways

Section_23 - Underground pipes for purposes of electronic communications network service

Section_24 - Pipes under streets

Section_25 - Removal of electronic communications network facilities

Section_26 - Fences

Section_27 - Trees obstructing electronic communications network facilities

Section_28 - Height or depth of electronic communications network facilities

Section_29 - Electrical works

Section_30 - Control of radio frequency spectrum

Section_31 - Radio frequency spectrum licence

Section_32 - Control of possession of radio apparatus

Section_33 - Frequency co-ordination

Section_34 - Radio frequency plan

Section_35 - Approval of type

Section_36 - Technical standards for equipment and electronic communications facilities

Section_37 - Obligation to interconnect

Section_38 - Interconnection regulations

Section_39 - Filing of interconnection agreements

Section_40 - Notification of interconnection disputes

Section_41 - Interconnection pricing principles

Section_42 - Carrier pre-selection

Section_43 - Obligation to lease electronic communications facilities

Section_44 - Electronic communications facilities leasing regulations

Section_45 - Filing of electronic communications facilities leasing agreements

Section_46 - Notification of electronic communications facilities leasing agreement disputes

Section_47 - Facilities leasing pricing principles

Section_48 - Application

Section_49 - Public broadcasting service licences

Section_50 - Community broadcasting service licences

Section_51 - Commercial broadcasting service licences

Section_52 - Prohibition on granting of broadcasting service licence to party-political entities

Section_53 - Record of programmes broadcast by broadcasting service licens

Section_54 - Code of conduct for broadcasting service licensees

Section_55 - Control over advertisements

Section_56 - Prohibition on broadcasting of party election broadcasts and political advertisements except in certain circumstances

Section_57 - Broadcasting of party election broadcasts on public broadcasting services

Section_58 - Political advertising on broadcasting services

Section_59 - Equitable treatment of political parties by broadcasting service licensees during election period

Section_60 - Restriction on subscription broadcasting services

Section_61 - Preservation of South African programming

Section_62 - Broadcasting signal distribution objectives

Section_63 - Self provisioning by broadcasting service licensees

Section_64 - Limitations on foreign control of commercial broadcasting services

Section_65 - Limitations on control of commercial broadcasting services

Section_66 - Limitations on cross-media control of commercial broadcasting services

Section_67 - Competition matters

Section_68 - Numbering plans and number portability

Section_69 - Code of conduct, end-user and subscriber service charter

Section_70 - Persons with disabilities

Section_71 - Consumer Advisory Panel

Section_72 - Establishment of Electronic Communications and ICT Museum, information communication technology for government and other related services

Section_72A - National Broadband Council

Section_73 - E-rate

Section_74 - Offences and penalties

Section_75 - Directory services

Section_76 - Establishment of public emergency communications centres

Section_77 - Duties of 112 Emergency Centres and licensees

Section_78 - National Public emergency number

Section_79 - Standards, capabilities and operating procedures of 112 Emergency Centres

Section_79A - Limitation of liability

Section_79B - Provision of information

Section_80 - Continued existence of Universal Service Agency

Section_81 - Functions of Board

Section_81A - Fiduciary duties of Board members, and removal and dissolution

Section_82 - Functions of Agency

Section_82A - Appointment of chief executive officer

Section_82B - Conditions of appointment of CEO

Section_82C - Termination of employment of CEO

Section_82D - Acting chief executive officer

Section_82E - Delegation and assignment by CEO

Section_83 - CEO and staff of Agency

Section_84 - Financing of Agency

Section_85 - Banking account

Section_86 - Annual and other reports

Section_87 - Continued existence and control of Universal Service Fund

Section_88 - Application of money in Universal Service and Access Fund

Section_89 - Contributions to Universal Service and Access Fund

Section_90 - Competitive tender for universal service and access projects

Section_91 - Accounts of Universal Service and Access Fund

Section_92 - Existing licences

Section_93 - Licence conversion

Section_94 - Conflicts

Section_95 - Existing regulations

Section_96 - Application of Act

Section_97 - Repeal and amendment of laws

Section_98 - Short title and commencement


PART_2 - Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act No. 13 of 2000

Section_1 - Definitions

Section_2 - Object of Act

Section_3 - Establishment of Independent Communications Authority of South Africa

Section_4 - Functions of Authority and chairperson

Section_4A - Register of licences

Section_4B - Inquiries by Authority

Section_4C - Conduct of inquiries

Section_4D - Confidential information

Section_5 - Constitution of and appointment of councillors to Council

Section_6 - Disqualification

Section_6A - Performance management system

Section_7 - Terms of office

Section_8 - Removal from office

Section_9 - Vacancies

Section_10 - Remuneration

Section_11 - Meetings of Council

Section_11A - Minutes of meetings

Section_11B - Code of Ethics

Section_12 - Conflicting interests

Section_13 - Validity of proceedings

Section_14 - Staff

Section_14A - Appointment of experts

Section_4B - ...

Section_4C - Confidentiality

Section_4D - ...

Section_15 - Financing of and accounting by Authority

Section_15A - Annual plan

Section_16 - Annual report

Section_16A - Restriction on use of name or description implying connection with Authority

Section_17 - Standing and special committees

Section_17A - Establishment of Complaints and Compliance Committee

Section_17B - Functions of Complaints and Compliance Committee

Section_17C - Procedure of Complaints and Compliance Committee

Section_17D - Findings by Complaints and Compliance Committee

Section_17E - Decision by Authority

Section_17F - Inspectors

Section_17G - Power of inspector to enter, search and seize

Section_17H - Offences and penalties

Section_18 - ...

Section_19 - ...

Section_20 - ...

Section_21 - ...

Section_22 - ...

Section_23 - Repeal and amendment of laws

Section_23A - Liability

Section_24 - Application of Act

Section_25 - Short title and commencement

Schedule_1 - Laws amended or repealed

Schedule_2 - ...

PART_3 - Broadcasting Act No. 4 of 1999

Section_1 - Definitions and interpretation

Section_2 - Object of Act

Section_3 - South African broadcasting system

Section_4 - ...

Section_5 - Classes of licences

Section_6 - Charter of Corporation

Section_7 - ...

Section_8 - Objectives of Corporation

Section_8A - Conversion

Section_9 - Organisation

Section_10 - Public service

Section_11 - Commercial services

Section_12 - Composition of Board

Section_13 - Members of Board

Section_14 - Executive committee

Section_15 - Removal from office and resignation of member

Section_15A - Resolution for removal of member, dissolution of Board and appointment of interim Board

Section_16 - Disqualification

Section_17 - Disclosure of conflict of interests

Section_18 - Financial regulations

Section_19 - ...

Section_20 - Financial year and annual financial statements

Section_21 - Rights and obligations

Section_22 - Amendment of broadcasting licences

Section_22A - Regional television services

Section_23 - Borrowing powers

Section_24 - Accounts

Section_25 - Auditing

Section_26 - Staff of Corporation

Section_27 - Television licenses

Section_28 - Annual report

Section_29 - ...

Section_30 - ...

Section_31 - ...

Section_32 - ...

Section_33 - ...

Section_34 - ...

Section_35 - ...

Section_36 - ...

Section_37 - ...

Section_38 - South African Broadcast Production Advisory Body

Section_39 - ...

Section_40 - Regulations

Section_41 - Repeal and amendment of laws

Section_42 - Application of Act

Section_43 - Short title and commencement

Schedule - Laws amended or repealed

PART_4 - Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No. 25 of 2002

Section_1 - Definitions

Section_2 - Objects of Act

Section_3 - Interpretation

Section_4 - Sphere of application

Section_5 - National e-strategy

Section_6 - Universal access

Section_7 - Previously disadvantaged persons and communities

Section_8 - Development of human resources

Section_9 - SMMEs

Section_10 - Electronic transactions policy

Section_11 - Legal recognition of data messages

Section_12 - Writing

Section_13 - Signature

Section_14 - Original

Section_15 - Admissibility and evidential weight of data messages

Section_16 - Retention

Section_17 - Production of document or information

Section_18 - Notarisation, acknowledgement and certification

Section_19 - Other requirements

Section_20 - Automated transactions

Section_21 - Variation by agreement between parties

Section_22 - Formation and validity of agreements

Section_23 - Time and place of communications, dispatch and receipt

Section_24 - Expression of intent or other statement.

Section_25 - Attribution of data messages to originator

Section_26 - Acknowledgement of receipt of data message

Section_27 - Acceptance of electronic filing and issuing of documents

Section_28 - Requirements may be specified

Section_29 - Register of cryptography providers

Section_30 - Registration with Department

Section_31 - Restrictions on disclosure of information

Section_32 - Application of Chapter and offences

Section_33 - Definition

Section_34 - Appointment of Accreditation Authority and other officers

Section_35 - Accreditation to the voluntary

Section_36 - Powers and duties of Accreditation Authority

Section_37 - Accreditation of authentication products and services

Section_38 - Criteria for accreditation

Section_39 - Revocation or termination of accreditation

Section_40 - Accreditation of foreign products and services

Section_41 - Accreditation regulations

Section_42 - Scope of application

Section_43 - Information to be provided

Section_44 - Cooling-off period

Section_45 - Unsolicited goods, services or communications

Section_46 - Performance

Section_47 - Applicability of foreign law

Section_48 - Non-exclusion

Section_49 - Complaints to Commission

Section_50 - Scope of protection of personal information

Section_51 - Principles for electronically collecting personal information

Section_52 - Scope of critical database protection

Section_53 - Identification of critical data and critical databases

Section_54 - Registration of critical dat

Section_55 - Management of critical databases

Section_56 - Restrictions on disclosure of information

Section_57 - Right of inspection

Section_58 - Non-compliance with Chapter

Section_59 - Establishment of Authority

Section_60 - Incorporation of Authority

Section_61 - Authority's memorandum and articles of association

Section_62 - Board of directors of Authority

Section_63 - Staff of Authority

Section_64 - Licensing of registrars and registries

Section_65 - Functions of Authority

Section_66 - Finances of Authority

Section_67 - Reports

Section_68 - Regulations regarding Authority

Section_69 - Alternative dispute resolution

Section_70 - Definition

Section_71 - Recognition of representative body

Section_72 - Conditions for eligibility

Section_73 - Mere conduit

Section_74 - Caching

Section_75 - Hosting

Section_76 - Information location tools

Section_77 - Take-down notification

Section_78 - No general obligation to monitor

Section_79 - Savings

Section_80 - Appointment of cyber inspectors

Section_81 - Powers of cyber inspectors

Section_82 - Power to inspect, search and seize

Section_83 - Obtaining warrant

Section_84 - Preservation of confidentiality

Section_85 - Definition

Section_86 - Unauthorised access to, interception of or interference with data

Section_87 - Computer-related extortion, fraud and forgery

Section_88 - Attempt, and aiding and abetting

Section_89 - Penalties

Section_90 - Jurisdiction of courts

Section_91 - Saving of common law

Section_92 - Repeal of Act 57 of 1983

Section_93 - Limitation of liability

Section_94 - Regulations

Section_95 - Short title and commencement

Schedule 1

Schedule 2