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Introduction to Legal Pluralism in South Africa

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639000824
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639000817

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This book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the phenomenon of legal pluralism in South Africa.

The second part of the book is aimed at covering the core content of African customary law as applied in South Africa. The third part of the book is aimed at the core contents of Hindu, Jewish and Muslim personal law, albeit only in an introductory fashion. it is hoped that this fifth edition will continue to make a meaningful contribution to the introduction of law students and scholars into the rich and complex legal culture that underpins the South African constitutional democracy.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Legal Pluralism - GJ van Niekerk

Chapter 2 - Nature and Sphere of Application of African Customary Law in South Africa €“ JC Bekker and C Rautenbach

Chapter 3 - Customary Family Law €“ R-M Jansen

Chapter 4 - Customary Law of Property €“ JM Pienaar

Chapter 5 - Law of Contract - FP van R Whelpton

Chapter 6 - Customary Law of Delict €“ E Knoetze

Chapter 7 - Law of Succession and Inheritance - C Rautenbach, W du Plessis

Chapter 8 - Traditional Leadership and Governance - JC Bekker and CC Boonzaaier

Chapter 9 - Traditional Authority Courts - DS Koyana, JC Bekker and RB Mqeke

Chapter 10 - Religious Legal Systems: Constitutional Analysis €“ C Rautenbach, NMI Goolam and N Moosa

Chapter 11 - Religious Legal Systems: General Foundations €“ NM Bernhard, W du Plessis, R Gokul, NMI Goolam, MF Heyns and C Rautenbach

Chapter 12 - Religious Legal Systems: Law of Persons €“ D Bilchitz, R Gokul, NMI Goolam and C Rautenbach

Chapter 13 - Religious Legal Systems: Law of Marriage €“ JGH Badat, D Bilchitz, R Gokul, NMI Goolam, N Moosa and C Rautenbach

Chapter 14 - Religious Legal Systems: Law of Succession €“ C Rautenbach and NMI Goolam