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Investment Planning

A comprehensive commentary on investment planning and theory. Only available in online format.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776321926

Product description

A comprehensive commentary on investment planning and theory. Only available in online format.

Investment Planning provides a comprehensive explanation of the various investment choices available within South Africa. It assists financial planners and investors in understanding the vagaries of investment markets and adopts a practical approach to creating efficient investment portfolios for different risk profiles on both the South African and overseas investment markets.

Part 1 deals with various types of investments, such as the money, capital, stock and property markets and the legal framework. Part 2 deals with the application of these principles to deliver the best returns for the level of risk acceptable within a portfolio. It offers basic tools for creating sound investment strategies for their clients.

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Table of contents

Part 1

Chapter 1A - Managing the Client’s Money

Chapter 1 - Financial Markets and Basic Financial Mathematics

Chapter 2 - The Money Market

Chapter 3 - The Capital Market

Chapter 4 - The Stock Market

Chapter 5 - Valuation of shares

Chapter 6 - Interpretation of Financial Accounts

Chapter 7 - Ratio Analysis

Chapter 8 - Collective Investment Schemes

Chapter 9 - Hedge Funds

Chapter 10 - Options

Chapter 11 - Futures

Chapter 12 - The Property Market

Chapter 13 - Alternative Investments

Chapter 14 - Tank Containers

Chapter 15 - Insurance as an Investment

Chapter 16 - Tax Implications for Investors

Chapter 17 - Estate Duty Implications for Investors

Chapter 18 - Financial Intelligence Centre Act

Chapter 19 - The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

Part 2

Chapter 1 - Modern Portfolio Theory

Chapter 2 - Asset Allocation

Chapter 3 - Risk

Chapter 4 - Asset Class Returns

Chapter 5 - Foreign Exchange

Chapter 6 - Overseas Investment

Chapter 7 - Equity Investment Styles

Chapter 8 - The Economy

Chapter 9 - Multi-manager Management

Chapter 10A - Behavioural Finance

Chapter 10 - Market Timing

Chapter 11 - Investment Planning

Chapter 12 - Investment Planning: A Case Study


A: Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

B: Collective Investment Schemes Control Act

C: Policyholder Protection Rules

D: Corporate Governance

F: Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

G: Retirement Fund Reform

I: South African Revenue Service Tax Guide for Share Owners

J: Final Recommendations on the International Panel on Growth

K: Financial Services Board

L: Amendment of Regulation 28

M: Treating Customers Fairly