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Memory and Meaning: Lourens du Plessis and the haunting of justice

This book contains tributes to Professor Lourens du Plessis, as well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409124460

Product description

This book contains tributes to Professor Lourens du Plessis, as well as essays on areas of the law in which he worked.

The essays in this volume disseminate original research by recognised scholars on a wide array of disciplines in which Professor du Plessis had an interest.


Featured Authors

Table of contents


Property as monument and memorial by Babie, Paul

In conversation with the harmonious wordsmith by Boshoff, Anel

(In)dignity remembered by Botha, Henk

Ways of living in a transformative democracy by Du Plessis, Elmien

The South African Constitution as memory and promise: An exploration of its implications for sexual violence by Du Toit, Louise

Constitutional interpreters: High priests or priesthood? by Epp Buckingham, Janet

Legal text and meaning: A linguistic perspective on a complex relationship by Felder, Ekkehard

Land reform and restitution in South Africa: An embodiment of justice? by Pienaar, Juanita

How to Tame the Judges: Der Streit uber die Justizreformen in Sudafrika und in Deutschland aus vergleichender Perspektive by Schneider, Hans-Peter

Literalism, travaux preparatoires and purposive construction as interpretation incentives in international law by Van der Vyver, Johan

Legal research and legal education 20 years after the advent of democracy by Van der Walt, Andre

An aesthetic mode of coping: authorship, narration, monument and memorial in post-apartheid jurisprudence by Van Marle, Karin

Die ongeregtigheid van neutraliteit: Sekulere beregting van religieuse kwessies by Venter, Francois

What makes the South African Constitution alive? by Wiechers, Marinus


Ode aan 'n Beste Professor by Rautenbach, Christa

When jurisprudence meets political science by Gouws, Amanda

An unlikely friendship, yet typically South African by Corder, Hugh

Erinnerung und Frage by Muller, Friedrich

Publications of Lourens du Plessis

Annexure A: Scholarly publications

Annexure B: Popular scholarly and popular publications

Annexure C: Papers presented

Supervision by Lourens du Plessis

Annexure D: Theses and dissertations