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Public-Private Partnerships in Nigeria: An Essential Guide for Stakeholders

Publication Language: English
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776176977

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Public-private partnerships (PPPs), which occupy a middle position between the traditional procurement method and privatisation, are now being used globally as an alternative model for procurement of complex infrastructure. Public-Private Partnership in Nigeria: An Essential Guide for Stakeholders provides a comprehensive overview of the concept, nature, and typological classifications of PPPs. It also delves into the legal and regulatory landscape for PPPs in Nigeria and the African continental perspective. The book is divided into three main parts. The first section provides an overview of the meaning, nature, fundamentals and typological classification of PPPs. The second section examines the legal and regulatory landscape for PPPs in Nigeria, while the third section provides a continental perspective of PPPs in Africa. The book is intended for a wide range of stakeholders including lawyers, academics, politicians, judges, private sector participants and policymakers. The authors of this book have drawn on their extensive experience and knowledge in the field of PPPs and regulations in Nigeria to provide a thorough and insightful analysis of this complex topic...


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Table of contents


Chapter 1 - The Meaning, Nature and Typologies of Public-Private Partnerships

Chapter 2 - Legal and Regulatory Landscapes for Public-Private Partnerships in Nigeria

Chapter 3 - A Continental Perspective of Public-Private Partnerships in Africa

Appendix A - Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (Establishment, Etc.) Act, 2005

Appendix B - Fiscal Responsibility Act No. 31 of 2007

Appendix C - Public Procurement Act No. 14 of 2007