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Selected Legislation Vol. 2, 3 and 4 Set — Lex Patria

Publication Language: English

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Published: September 30, 2014
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Local Government Selected Acts Volume 2€“4 is a subscription based product including both the printed loose-leaf and LexisMobile publications. Updates for 12 months (print and mobile) are included in the price

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Table of contents


Electoral Commission Act No. 51 of 1996 together with regulations

Electoral Act No. 73 of 1998 together with regulations

Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act No. 27 of 2000 together with regulations

Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Act 103 of 1997 together with regulations

Municipal Institutions

Rental Housing Act No. 50 of 1999

Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000 together with regulations

Development Facilitation Act No. 67 of 1995

Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1998 together with regulations

Skills Development Levies Act No. 9 of 1999 together with regulations

Finance and Tax

Provincial Tax Regulation Process Act, No. 53 of 2001

Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 together with regulations

Municipal Property Rates Act No. 6 of 2004 together with regulations

Division of Revenue Act No. 6 of 2011

Division of Revenue Act No. 5 of 2012

Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act No. 97 of 1997