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Silke on South African Income Tax

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Published: December 31, 1999
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The most comprehensive commentary available on income tax. The print subscription includes a free mobile version as well as updates for 12 months (print and mobile).

This reference work is the most detailed and comprehensive commentary available on South African income tax, covering all matters relating to tax on individuals, companies and other business entities. Extensively researched, updated and cross referenced by a leading author. It includes all double taxation agreements and information sharing agreements. Updated on a regular basis to keep current with changes in legislation and case law, generally twice a year. All subscribers get a complimentary copy of Income Tax Legislation, a handbook containing the Income Tax and Tax Administration Acts, at the beginning of each year

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Table of contents

1 - Introduction

2 - Receipts and accruals

3 - Income and capital

4 - Special inclusions

5 - Residence and source

6 - Exempt income

7 - General deductions

8 - Special deductions

9 - Dividends

10 - Individuals

11 - Partnerships

12 - Estates and Trusts

13 - Companies

14 - Non-residents

15 - Farming operations

16 - Mining

17 - Special provisions

18 - General provisions

19 - Tax avoidance

20 - Employee's tax

21 - Provisional Tax

22 - Constitutional aspects of income tax

23 - Donations tax

24 - Capital gains

25 - Interpretation

Appendix A - Double Taxation Agreement

Appendix B - Exchange of Information Agreements

Appendix C - Multilateral mutual administrative assistance conventions/agreements