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A comprehensive commentary on all aspects of financial planning

The SA Financial Planning Handbook is the most comprehensive work on Financial Planning in South Africa. It is the prescribed textbook for postgraduate studies in financial planning. It is updated annually and contains the latest changes to legislation and best practice in the financial planning industry. Full of practical examples and guidelines and so ideal for students as well as the professional financial planner. NB Students who write open book exams should only purchase the printed version.

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Incredibly useful and reliable resource at a reasonable price
Moonstone Business School of Excellence
For students, educators and financial planners, the LexisNexis range of publications is an incredibly useful and reliable resource. The books cover all the important aspects in the field of financial planning/ the financial services sector, and provide clear and concise explanations and examples of the subject matter. At reasonable prices, with excellent pre- and post-sale support, LexisNexis is definitely the preferred provider of educational material for our institution.

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Table of contents

Section 1 - Principles and Practices of Financial Planning

Chapter 1 - Principles and practices of financial planning

Chapter 2 - Ethics and professional standards

Chapter 3 - The regulatory environment

Chapter 4 - The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act

Chapter 5 - Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing

Chapter 6 - The law of contract and delict

Chapter 7 - Personal financial management

Chapter 8 - The time value of money

Section 2 - Insurance Planning and Risk Management

Chapter 9 - Risk management

Chapter 10 - Principles of insurance

Chapter 11 - Healthcare

Section 3 - Investment Planning

Chapter 12 - Introduction to investment planning

Chapter 13 - Investment return and risk

Chapter 14 - Investment theory

Chapter 15 - Economics

Chapter 16 - The money market

Chapter 17 - The bond market

Chapter 18 - The property market

Chapter 19 - The equity market

Chapter 20 - Derivatives and alternative investments

Chapter 21 - Portfolio management

Chapter 22 - Investment vehicles

Chapter 23 - Behavioural finance

Chapter 24 - The investment planning process

Section 4 - Tax Planning

Chapter 25 - Income tax

Chapter 26 - Donations tax

Chapter 27 - Capital gains tax

Chapter 28 - Value-added tax

Chapter 29 - Transfer duty

Chapter 30 - Estate duty

Section 5 - Estate Planning

Chapter 31 - Marriage and matrimonial property law

Chapter 32 - The law of succession

Chapter 33 - The law and taxation of trusts

Chapter 34 - The administration of estates

Chapter 35 - Estate planning

Section 6 - Retirement Planning

Chapter 36 - Retirement funds

Chapter 37 - Taxation of retirement fund lump sums and severance benefits

Chapter 38 - Individual retirement planning

Section 7 - Business Planning and Integrated Financial Planning

Chapter 39 - Business entities

Chapter 40 - Business insurance

Chapter 41 - The interpretation of financial statements

Chapter 42 - Case study

Appendices: Valuation and Life Mortality Tables

Table of Cases