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South African Income Tax Guide 2018

Publication Language: English

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780639001678
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A concise and practical commentary on income tax legislation for the current tax year

The SA Income Tax Guide provides a concise and practical overview of income tax legislation for the current tax year. It enables you to discover which income tax is free, check your assessment, solve many of your tax problems, calculate the taxes you or your company will have to pay, ensure that you claim all allowances and rebates due to you, complete your income tax return and understand SITE/PAYE. A do-it-yourself tax guide €“ ideal for the layperson submitting his own tax return. Updated annually.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 -   Basic Principles of Income Tax

Chapter 2 -  How to Calculate Your Taxes

Chapter 3 -  Husband and Wife

Chapter 4 -  Divorced and Separated Persons

Chapter 5 -   Income from Employment

Chapter 6 -   Membership of approved funds

Chapter 7 -  Income from Interest

Chapter 8 -  Income from Letting Property

Chapter 9 -  Income from Dividends

Chapter 10 -  Income from Business and Professions

Chapter 11 -  Income from Estates and Trusts

Chapter 12 -  Income from Farming

Chapter 13 -   Partnerships

Chapter 14 - Companies

Chapter 15 -   International Taxation Issues

Chapter 16 -  Special Classes of Taxpayers

Chapter 17 -  Employees' and Provisional Tax

Chapter 18 - General Provisions

Chapter 19 - Deductible Donations and Donations Tax

Chapter 22 - Estate Duty

Chapter 21 - Capital Gains Tax

Chapter 22 - Corporate Restructuring Reliefs

Chapter 23 - Income tax tables