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Statutes of South Africa with Noter-Up and Wording of Sections

Publication Language: English

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Published: November 30, 2000
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Our loose-leaf Statutes of South Africa is the only looseleaf guide to South African legislation.

This product contains all non-repealed Acts from 1910 and associated references to Decided Cases and Regulations as well as a comprehensive Subject Matter Index to all (non-repealed) Acts that make up the South African legislation.

The printed product is published in 40 looseleaf binders with the Acts arranged under 94 subject titles. This is a bilingual service updated twice a year. Where an Act is available in Afrikaans, the Afrikaans text appears on the reverse side of the English text, allowing for easy comparison.

Currently updated to Service Issue No. 51 - Supplementary and reflects the legislative position as at 28 February 2017.

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