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The Supreme Court and Jurisprudence of the right to a Fair Hearing in Nigeria

The right to a fair hearing stands as a cornerstone of any just legal system.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781776178438

Product description

The right to a fair hearing stands as a cornerstone of any just legal system.

This pivotal new work provides unparalleled insights into the Nigerian Supreme Court's jurisprudence on this fundamental right. Beginning with an in-depth exploration of key conceptual issues, the book examines the Court's historic role in constitutional interpretation and the development of judicial precedent in Nigeria. Extensive analysis is provided on the Court's approach to fair hearings under the 1979 and 1999 Constitutions. Landmark cases regarding criminal proceedings, professional discipline, chieftaincy disputes and more are reviewed. The implications of the Supreme Court's fair hearing jurisprudence are discussed, along with an agenda for reform. Comparative analysis with international human rights instruments reveals how Nigeria's protections measure up to global standards. This incisive work is essential reading for judges, lawyers, academics and anyone interested in the Supreme Court's vital role in upholding the right to a fair hearing. It provides unmatched insights to help strengthen this crucial pillar of Nigeria's democracy.


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Table of contents

CHAPTER_1 - Preliminary Issues and Conceptual Clarifications

CHAPTER_2 - The Supreme Court of Nigeria

CHAPTER_3 - Evolution and Development of the Right to a Fair Hearing

CHAPTER_4 - Supreme Court's Attitude to Fair Hearings under the 1979 Constitution

CHAPTER_5 - Supreme Court Decisions on Fair Hearings under the 1999 Constitution

CHAPTER_6 - Implication of the Supreme Court's Jurisprudence on Fair Hearings and Agenda for Reforms

CHAPTER_7 - International Human Rights Instruments on Fair Trials