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Lexis Assure: Financial Services Legislation Package

Lexis Assure is your email alerting solution to monitor changes in your regulatory environment backed by access or all primary sources of the Act and Gazettes. Sign up now and ensure you are always up to date.

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Product description

Lexis Assure is your email alerting solution to monitor changes in your regulatory environment backed by access or all primary sources of the Act and Gazettes. Sign up now and ensure you are always up to date.

In a highly regulated country like South Africa, ensuring regulatory compliance can be challenging. Curated by top legal experts, Lexis Assure is an email and online system that allows you to keep up to date with regulatory changes.

You can rely on automated alerts from Lexis Assure to provide you with accurate and reliable legal content. These alerts include executive summaries, clear analyses, audit questions and compliance calendars, so you can track changes and respond without ever missing a deadline.

With Lexis Assure, your compliance management team will always be up to date with the changes that impact your business the most. Simply put, with Lexis Assure, compliance has never been easier.

Financial Services Legislation Package

The Lexis Assure Financial Services Legislation Package is recommended for professionals and corporates across all industries. This package includes legislative changes applicable for topics such as anti-money laundering, banking and finance, consumer credit, insurance and more.

The Financial Services Legislation Package also includes access to all the content available with the Lexis Assure General Legislation Package.


Table of contents

PART_1 - Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism

Financial Intelligence Centre Act No. 38 of 2001

Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorist and Related Activities Act No.

Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act No. 12 of 2004

Prevention of Counterfeiting of Currency Act, No. 16 of 1965

Prevention of Organised Crime Act No. 121 of 1998

PART_2 - Banking and Finance

Administration of Estates Act No. 66 of 1965

Banks Act No. 94 of 1990

Bills of Exchange Act No. 34 of 1964

Currency and Exchanges Act No. 9 of 1933

Collective Investment Schemes Control Act No. 45 of 2002

Estate Duty Act No. 45 of 1955

Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act No. 37 of 2002

Financial Institutions (Protection of Funds) Act No. 28 of 2001

Financial Markets Act No. 19 of 2012

Financial Services Board Act No. 97 of 1990

Financial Services Ombud Schemes Act No. 37 of 2004

Financial Sector Regulation Act No. 9 of 2017

Home Loan and Mortgage Disclosure Act No. 63 of 2000

Pension Funds Act No. 24 of 1956

Prescribed Rate of Interest Act No. 55 of 1975

Prescription Act No. 68 of 1969

National Payment Systems Act No. 78 of 1998

Securities Transfer Act No. 25 of 2007

Securities Transfer Tax Administration Act No. 26 of 2007

Share Block Control Act No. 59 of 1980

South African Reserve Bank Act No. 90 of 1989

Trust Property Control Act No. 57 of 1988

Mutual Banks Act No. 124 of 1993

PART_3 - Consumer Credit

Credit Rating Services Act No. 24 of 2012

Debt Collectors Act No. 114 of 1998

National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005

PART_4 - Insurance

Insurance Act No. 18 of 2017

Long-term Insurance Act No. 52 of 1998

Short-term Insurance Act No. 53 of 1998

Export Credit and Foreign Investments Insurance Act No. 78 of 1957

Medical Schemes Act No. 131 of 1998

South African National Life Assurance Company Incorporation (Private) Act No. 3 of 1954

Repealed Legislation

PART_5 - Bills

Financial Intelligence Centre

Financial Services Board

National Treasury

South African Reserve Bank

Consumer Credit

PART_6 - Discussion Papers

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism

Banking and Finance


Consumer Credit

PART_7 - Latest Notice

Banking and Finance

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism

Consumer Credit




Council for Debt Collectors

Department of Justice

Financial Intelligence Centre

Financial Services Board


National Credit Regulator

National Treasury

Prudential Authority

South African Revenue Service

South African Reserve Bank